Exceptional Value, Zero Compromise

Look no further if you are looking for a safe, comfortable and affordable shuttle transfer. Whether it's the latest tech, or just plain good service, we've got you covered.
No other service providers offer these all inclusive deals - at no additional cost!

Precise Arrival Time - Keep Informed

We have advanced navigational equipment on all our shuttles. You can request your exact arrival time to your destination from your driver, enabling you to call your family/friends in advance with this arrival time. Safer for you and safer for the friend/family member collecting you.

Live Satellite Tracking - Safety and Peace of Mind

Our shuttles are constantly being monitored. We are advised of any over speeding, erratic driving or deviations off our mapped routes.

Free Baby Chair - No Shortcuts Taken

Your little ones are important to us. We strictly adhere to current Road Transportation Standards. A free baby chair is supplied and fitted for all passengers up to 3 years of age.

Live Traffic Updates - Getting You There On Time

If we can't get you to your destination on time, no one else can. Our drivers are highly experienced and trained to make use of our live satellite updates to avoid traffic congestion and accidents, ensuring the best possible route is followed 100% of the time.

R1 Million Passenger Liability Insurance - We've Got You Covered

For every seated passenger with their safety belt on, protecting you.