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Terms & Conditions

By purchasing a ticket from Southern Shuttle, you hereby acknowledge to having read, understood and accepted the below terms and conditions:

General – Passengers are to be at their designated collection point, standing outside their vehicles, hotels, etc at least 15 minutes prior to the stipulated departure time in order to ensure that they are ready to board once the shuttle arrives. Should passengers not be waiting at their collection points 15 min prior to the indicated departure time, the shuttle will board passengers that are there and then move on to the next booked collection point. The onus will be for the passenger to catch up to the shuttle and board at the next booked stop. We are not obliged to call missing passengers. Should our offices do so, it will be  entirely at our own discretion and the call must not be misconstrued as being part of our standard service. As a rule, we do not call missing or late passengers on the very early morning route as the Admin offices are not open at that time. To find out where the shuttle will be stopping next, passengers will need to call us on 079 571 9900 / 081 475 7575 ( excluding the early morning route from the South Coast). The shuttle will not stop to board late-comers until the next stop it is destined to collect more passengers from.

In the event of the shuttle not being at the stipulated collection point at the indicated time for whatever reason (including but not limited to traffic conditions, human error or the unlikely event of a cyber crash disabling our tracking)  the onus falls on the passenger to contact us on 079 571 9900 / 081 475 7575 within 5 minutes of the collection/departure time, provided that we have not already contacted them with information regarding traffic/time delays. Should the passenger not call us within the 5 minutes as stipulated above, the onus falls on the passenger to catch up to the shuttle as it will not be in a position to turn around for collection.

Passengers are requested to ensure that their given mobile number is switched on and monitored up to 48 hours prior to their transfer. Should the passengers’ mobile number not be provided and/or monitored, we cannot be held responsible for not being able to contact the passenger/s to advise them of any changes on the collection times/routes and hence will not be held liable for any additional costs incurred by the passenger should he/she miss the shuttle or ongoing transfers. International passengers are to contact us 48 hours prior to departure/collection to confirm their times and/or be notified of any variations (if applicable).

Whilst every effort will be made to ensure that passengers arrive at the designated destination as per the booked ticket date and time, due to the very nature of this business, we do not hold ourselves liable for any time delays or not being able to supply our ordinary service due to consequences of a force majeure including and not limited to damages, injury and/or loss, save for what is covered by the mandatory Passenger Liability Insurance. We reserve the right to change our route to serve the best interest of the majority of passengers should the shuttle be delayed for whatever reason on any of our Northbound routes, usually prioritizing the Airport then Station. Passengers are to ensure that they have sufficient insurance cover for their personal belongings as well as adequate Travel Insurance in case of missing their flights / ongoing travel arrangements / the possibility of the cancellation of the shuttle service as a consequence of a force majeure or missing the Shuttle for whatsoever reason. Passengers are requested to ensure that they book on a shuttle arriving comfortably in time to comply with the other ongoing carrier service requirements. Should flights/buses arrive late and passengers miss our scheduled shuttle departure time or the airlines/buses have changed their arrival times to a time not suitable to our booked passengers, we advise that passengers are to request any refund and/or claim their loss with the specific airline and/or entity that caused the loss of our ticket/s. We remind passengers that we sell budget priced tickets and our vehicle capacity is small, these two main factors impact our T&C’s and our strict adherence to these terms.

In order to comply to our Passenger Liability Insurance, passengers are to remain seated with their safety belt on at all times.

Shifting of tickets

Until the South African Tourism/Travel market picks up to a sustainable point, we reserve the right to shift passengers’ tickets to other routes on the same day giving at least 12 hour notice via sms/WhatsApp and/or email. Should passengers not wish to have their tickets shifted, passengers will be given the option to a full refund of their ticket however we need to receive a reply within 3 hours of sending our notice sms/WhatsApp. Failure to do so, will imply acceptance of the change.  We absolve ourselves from any losses incurred by the traveler should he/she not respond to our sms as all phones are to be switched on and monitored at least 48 hours prior to date of travel. International passengers are to call us at least 48 hours prior date of travel to confirm their tickets.

As per our Insurers, please note there is a General Exclusion
The indemnity or compensation provided excludes any loss, damage or liability for damages directly or indirectly caused by, arising out of, contributed by, or resulting from any infectious, communicable and/or notifiable medical condition or any epidemic or pandemic relating to any such condition including any actual or perceived threat or fear thereof.

Load Shedding

During load shedding and for at least 15 min thereafter, we advise that cannot accept any responsibility in not being able to communicate with our passengers as it affects the Cellular Towers. Regrettably this is beyond our control. We request that passengers ensure they are at the booked collection points 15 min before indicated departure time, failing which the shuttle will leave if you are not there waiting for us when we arrive.

Printed Tickets

Tickets purchased off our website do not need to be printed. A screenshot of the Ticket Number will suffice. Ticket purchased through third parties however will need to be presented on boarding. We reserve the right to deny boarding without presentation of the requested tickets.

Special Needs Passengers

No pets or animals are allowed aboard the Shuttle with the exception of guide dogs that need to be pre-advised when booking your seats. Due to the design of our shuttles, regrettably we are not able to accommodate Disabled Passengers. We are however able to assist passengers that  have booked wheelchair assistance via the airlines/have their own walkers /wheelchairs but are mobile. Wheelchairs/walkers need to be booked in as  extra luggage when placing the booking with us and sufficient insurance cover needs to be taken over these items. Please note that we do not transport electric wheelchairs.


Southern Shuttle will not transport unaccompanied luggage. Each passenger is permitted a single suitcase of standard dimensions not exceeding (H780 x W480 x D330) and not weighing more than 23kg as well as one piece of hand luggage weighing not more than 7kg (H560 x W450 x D25). Prams, portable cots, boogie boards, golf bags, etc. will carry an additional charge. The onus falls on the Passenger/s to notify us in advance via email (with their reference number) should there be any additional luggage and/or variations to the above luggage dimensions and weight as a discretionary surcharge will be levied on boarding. Please note that this is also subject to the availability of space. All luggage must be handed over for carriage in the designated trailer excluding a ladies’ standard size handbag/computer bag/small bag with valuables that must be carried onto the shuttle.The onus falls on the Passengers to ensure that their luggage is clearly identifiable so that other passengers cannot mistakenly collect their luggage and to ensure that the correct luggage is collected/handed over to them on disembarkation. Southern Shuttle will not be held liable for any lost, damaged, left behind luggage and/or incorrectly identified luggage that is collected by other passengers and/or the relevant re-consignment thereof. Should passengers collect incorrect luggage, permission is herewith granted by the affected parties to convey their names and contact numbers between the two parties so that they can resolve the issue themselves. Southern Shuttle will not get involved in any matter. Should luggage be left behind, the drivers are instructed to deposit the luggage at their closest SAPS office and retrieve an OB Case Number and/or keep it in the shuttle for a maximum of 2 days for a co-ordinated swop over at our depot. Please note that we will also not be held liable for any theft from any luggage.

Lost Property

Any lost, found and abandoned property handed over to us will be kept for a maximum of 48 hours (excl Public Holidays and weekends). During the 48 hour time frame, we do not hold ourselves responsible in any way for the property and will not be held liable should it be stolen, damaged, lost, destroyed in any manner whatsoever. This is not applicable to any perishable goods which will be donated at the end of the route/run on the same day. Unclaimed property will be donated to a local charity if not collected from us within 48 hours.

Cancellations & Refunds

Regardless on when a booking was made, subject to emailing us a written notice of cancellation to or WhatsApp to 081 475 75 75 at least 5 working days (excluding Sat, Sun and Public Holidays) from the date and time of travel, passengers can request a refund on their tickets minus a R110 cancellation fee per passenger per one directional trip or 50% of their ticket – whichever is the highest. Should the written cancellation notice be received less than the required 5 working days as indicated above ,but greater than 48 hours prior to date and departure time, no refund will be made. The passenger will  however be given, on request, 90 days in which to make use of the same ticket subject to a re-booking fee of R130 per passenger per one directional trip or 50% of the current fare of the ticket, whichever is highest. Should the cancellation request be made less than 48 hours prior to date and time of travel, 100% cancellation fee will apply.  Please note that any bookings made using international transfers/cards are non refundable unless we are able to credit a South African Bank.

Any tickets purchased via third parties will have the same conditions applied to any refunds plus an additional 15% charge deducted to cover commission charges.

Should cancellations be made by Southern Shuttle due to consequences of a force majeure event any request for a refund needs to be made within 10 days from the original date of booked travel or the ticket can be held over up to 90 days from the original date of travel. Refunds will only be entertained under the force majeure clause if Southern Shuttle is unable to offer the services but not if passengers voluntarily cancel their trips (where our normal T & C’s will apply).

Tickets are 100% refundable only in cases of hospitalization of the passenger (we require documentary evidence of the hospitalization to be forwarded to us on the same date of the event) or the demise of the passenger in which case a copy of the death certificate needs to be forwarded to us. In both instances we need to be advised BEFORE the date of travel. Documentation to be sent via email to .

Private Transfers : regardless when a Private Transfer booking is made, we will require a minimum cancellation notice period of 7 working days (excl Sat, Sun and Public Holidays) rendered in writing to in order to qualify for a 40% refund. Any cancellations made (regardless of when they are made) giving us less than 7 working days notice (excl Sat, Sun and Public Holidays) will forfeit the fare entirely.

Shifting your ticket / Re-Bookings / Changing your destination

All requests must be done in writing via email () or via WhatsApp 081 475 75 75. Requests made at least 5 working days (excl Sat, Sun and Public Holidays) from the original booked date and time of travel, the passenger will be charged a re-booking fee of R110 per passenger, per one directional trip or 50% of the current ticket fare – whichever is greater.Requests made less than the above indicated 5 working days but more than 48 hours prior to original booked date and time of travel can be re-booked subject to a re-booking fee of R130 per passenger, per directional trip or 50% of the current ticket fare – whichever is greater. Re-bookings are only permitted once and must be made within 90 days from the original booked date of travel, failing which this offer will terminate and the tickets will be forfeited in its entirety. Tickets are non transferable to any other passenger under any circumstance. Should there be a fare increase, the traveler will need to pay in the difference during the 90 day grace period.  In instances where re-booking is permitted, the onus falls on the passenger to forward us details/copies of their original booked tickets when submitting a request.In both instances, payment will need to be made via EFT once we confirm that we are able to assist you within the given payment time frame, failing which the newly re-booked ticket will be forfeited. Should a passenger choose to re-book and then change his/her mind, he /she will not be eligible to request a cancellation of the ticket unless a new request is made within the specified period indicated under “Cancellations”. Any requests received less than 48 hours from original date and time of travel (excl Sat, Sun and Public Holidays), the ticket will be forfeited.

Should passengers change their destination which carries a higher fare, the fare difference will be requested on boarding once the driver has been authorized by the Office to change the destination. In instances where the passenger has booked and paid for a further distance destination and changes his/her mind, no refund will be given for his/her choice of the shorter distance destination.

Should airlines change their departure/arrival times for whatever reason, the re-booking clause will be applied.

Missing your shuttle due to flight/bus/train delays,cancellations and/or changes:

We do not accept losses caused to our passengers by third parties or personal circumstances. Passengers missing our shuttle due to late arrival and/or cancellation of flights/buses/trains/cruise liners will need to claim their losses with the entity that caused their loss of our ticket and repurchase a new ticket on our next available shuttle. In cases where passengers receive notification of the delay less than 24 hours prior date of travel, if we are able to accommodate our passengers on the next shuttle, we will do so with a minimum fee of R130 per passenger to be paid cash on boarding or 50% of the original ticket fee – whichever is the greatest. Please note in this second instance, priority will be given firstly to full fare paying passengers. The discounted fee will be offered to passengers entirely at our discretion and can be withdrawn at any moment without warning. This assistance by no means obligates us in any manner to assist as ultimately it is for the client to claim losses from the company that was the direct cause of said loss or to accept losses caused by his/her own fault.

15 min prior departure time

Should any passenger not be ready for boarding 15 min prior our departure time, the ticket will be deemed as a “no show” and we reserve the right to sell your ticket to any other passenger. The shuttle will leave the South Coast Collection points as soon as it arrives and has loaded the waiting passengers and move on to the next point. The onus will fall on the late passenger to catch up to the shuttle at the next booked stop.

Incorrectly booked tickets

Passengers need to advise us within 15 min from incorrectly booking their tickets via our online platform, failing which the ticket will have a 100% re-booking fee levied. In cases where duplicate sales have been made in error and we receive evidence that the passenger was sent our courtesy sms confirming the ticket, a 50% refund fee will be applied when re-crediting the purchaser of the duplicate booking. Should passengers book on the incorrect date and we are not able to assist them with the date and time they wanted to book for, they will forfeit their purchased tickets entirely.

COVID Infected passengers

Passengers that were meant to travel but are Covid positive need to immediately forward us an email () with a copy of the formal notification of infection as received by their elected  Laboratory. Notification sent and received as per above will result in a full refund per infected passenger minus R50 admin fee per passenger, per one directional trip if we get given less than 24 hours notice and we can see that the infected passenger was aware of the infection more than 24 hours prior to notifying us. Please be advised that this benefit will only be extended to the person infected with COVID and not any other travel companion. Normal T & C’s will apply to the other passengers.

Should we receive notification and coupled with the formal notification of infection less than 36 hours prior to travel, no refund will be made to the ticket however we would permit an extension of the ticket/s to a mutually suitable date and time not more than 120 days from original date of travel, subject to our confirmation (which cannot be booked during any peak season, with passengers having to pay for any fare difference at the time of new travel).

Duplicate Bookings- via Paygate or otherwise purchased

If your transaction is successful but the resultant page indicates “Failed Transaction”, this might be due to the Paygate and your selected Bank taking too much time in re-directing you, back to our site to print/view the tickets. As a courtesy and in order to prevent duplicate bookings, all successful payments ensure that the passengers (not the payee) booked via our website are sent a courtesy sms confirming the ticket number and sale (excl international numbers). This is to ensure that the payee does not initiate another booking via our website or third party. Please call the passenger if you are the Payee before initializing another purchase. Should the payee proceed with another booking without doing so, we will not be in a position to credit the funds back to the Payee at a later stage as we will not be given the chance to release the duplicate seats back into the booking pool for other passengers to book. Should we be notified immediately of the duplicate booking, we will be able to reverse the payment minus an R50 fee per ticket and release the duplicate seats online again. Please note we need to be notified within 15 min of making the duplicate booking. This must be notified via email immediately () indicating the Ticket reference numbers. If we receive evidence that the passenger was sent a sms confirming the tickets, but no attempt was made (within the prescribed 15 min period) to cancel the duplicate seat bookings, a 50% refund fee will be levied against the ticket value when re-crediting the payee. In cases where tickets are incorrectly paid for twice by the payee (regardless of the circumstance) a standard R50 per ticket fee is payable for admin costs.

Incorrectly Booked Tickets by Third Parties

Tickets booked incorrectly via a third party are non refundable by us. Passengers are to take the issue up with the issuing third party.

Change to a collection/destination point

Any telephonic request to change a collection or drop off point is to follow it through with a WhatsApp on 081 475 7575 within 15 min of making the call during office hours. Failure to advise us in writing within this indicated time frame will not guarantee any change on our side as we only accept these instructions in writing. Failure to follow the above request will mean that the passenger will need to present him/herself at the originally booked point as the shuttle will be directed to that point and no other. No changes to collection points will be entertained if requested on the same day of travel for all Northbound points.


All quotes given via WhatsApp, or via any other media are only estimates and are subject to our final quote which passengers will receive as a reply to their query headed “Provisional Booking “. Quotes are valid for the stipulated period of time indicated in the correspondence. Failure to forward us POP (Proof of Payment) within the said time-frame will automatically cancel the Provisional Booking without having to send out notification thereof to the prospective client. We reserve the right to change our original quote should the conditional payment and relevant POP not be forwarded to us without notice.


Please note that eating, smoking and the consumption of alcohol are prohibited at all times when aboard our Shuttle. Failure to comply with this will result in the Passenger being warned and subsequently disembarked at the nearest safe area.

Children and Infants (12 and Under)

No unaccompanied children or infants will be allowed on the Shuttle. Should any parent make use of any discounted rate for children under the age of 12yrs, the accompanying adult is to supply the driver with a copy of the child’s birth certificate/ID. Failure to supply the certificate or ID will result in the full fare being levied which will have to be paid immediately cash on boarding. Parents are responsible for any mess made by their children and will be required to clean up after them. Out of courtesy to the next passenger, we request that parents ensure the good behavior of their children and that they remain seated with their seat belts on to also qualify for the Passenger Liability Insurance. Infants aged 0-3yrs will be provided with a baby chair ( subject to availability) provided the request is made at least 72 hours prior to date of travel and the booking is made via our webiste or via WhatsApp. As a safety precaution, we request that parents email us their booking reference number so that we can check the correct allotment of Baby Chairs for infants 0 – 3yrs.

Privacy Policy Statement
By accepting this Privacy Policy, you agree to the usage and treatment of your personal data in the manner stipulated within this Privacy Policy.
The online safety of all customers is of the utmost concern to Southern Shuttle. As a result, all possible safety measures and precautions shall be adhered to in order to ensure the security of customers’ private information in accordance with the Protection of Personal Information Act, 4 of 2013 Collection of Private/Personal Information
Use of the Southern Shuttle online booking system or Agents, requires the collection of customers’ personal details including, but not limited to: names, surnames, phone numbers, disabilities, collection/destination points and flight landing/departure times. Additional information such as residential addresses will be asked for specifically should it be required in order for Southern Shuttle to render its service. Southern Shuttle will never divulge, trade and/or sell any personal information collected to secondary parties, unless required to by law. Credit card and SID payments and details are managed through a SA bank approved  payment gateway not Southern Shuttle Pty Ltd. As such, no credit card information is stored or dealt with by Southern Shuttle Pty Ltd when doing an online booking direct with us but exclusively with DPO Gateway. Please refer to their website for their Privacy Policy. Use of Private/Personal Information
Southern Shuttle’s usage of customers’ personal details is limited to the rendering of services and as such, collected private information will only ever be used to arrange collection and dropping off of Southern Shuttle passengers. Southern Shuttle will never use customers’ private information maliciously or with ill intent.
Right of admission is reserved
Our Fares & Routes and these Terms & Conditions are subject to change without notice. E & OE

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General Terms and Conditions applicable to Use of a Web Site.


Detailed description of services

Southern Shuttle (PTY) LTD is a registered public transporter offering transfers from the Wild Coast Sun upto & including various points in Durban

Customer Privacy policy

Southern Shuttle (PTY) LTD shall take all reasonable steps to protect the personal information of users. For the purpose of this clause, “personal information” shall be defined as detailed in the Promotion of Access to Information Act 2 of 2000 (PAIA). The PAIA may be downloaded from:

Payment options accepted

Payment may be made via Visa, MasterCard or by bank transfer into the Southern Shuttle (PTY) LTD bank account, the details of which will be provided on request.

Card acquiring and security

Card transactions will be acquired for Southern Shuttle (PTY) LTD via PayGate (Pty) Ltd who are the approved payment gateway for all South African Acquiring Banks. DPO PayGate uses the strictest form of encryption, namely Secure Socket Layer 3 (SSL3) and no Card details are stored on the website. Users may go to to view their security certificate and security policy.

Customer details separate from card details

Customer details will be stored by Southern Shuttle (PTY) LTD separately from card details which are entered by the client on DPO PayGate’s secure site. For more detail on DPO PayGate refer to


Book via WhatsApp

What to include in your WhatsApp booking.

1. Your Name & Surname

2. Your Cellphone Number

3. Number Of Passengers

4. Date of travel

5. Flight/Bus Arrival/Departure Time

6. Departure Point

7. Destination Point

Durban South Coast Shuttle Routes

Southern Shuttle offers Airport Shuttle Services along the Durban South Coast and pops over into the Eastern Cape to the Wild Coast Sun. Our shuttles are regularly serviced at 10 000km intervals with wheel rotation and alignment checked immediately afterwards. Safety, reliability and comfort is what you can count on.

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